Ukulele Resources

Here are some ukulele songs sites and other resources you might find helpful:


Blank Ukulele Manuscript Paper
Staff and Tab
Tab only
Chord Boxes & Tab
Chords and Lyrics

Doctor Uke
Richard G’s Ukulele Songbook
Jim Carey’s Ukulele Songbook
OzBcoz (Jim Carey’s individual song page with cool transpose feature)
Capotasto Music Ukulele Tablature (easy to intermediate)

Online Ukulele Tuner

Video lessons and instruction
My friend Cynthia K’s “Tiny Tips”, great for beginners!
James Hill’s “The Ukulele Way”, a comprehensive course from the ukulele master
with lots of free lessons and unlimited access for a small monthly fee


Ukulele Go! Full of Great Tips, Tricks, and Lessons

Ukefarm: Ukulele Radio Station, Songs, Apps, and more!

Find Ukulele Chords that Sound Good Together (from Ukulele Go!)

Click for an explanation of the Circle of Fifths