Going to China …

One of my favorite songs is “Far Away Places”; writ­ten by Joan Whit­ney and Alex Kramer, and pop­u­lar­ized by Bing Crosby and many oth­ers. (Here’s a Sam Cooke ver­sion: http://youtu.be/HAfAsTVJmWU) It tells of a per­son who wants to visit all the won­der­ful places in the world he’s read about in books and mag­a­zines, which sounds exactly like me! I am adding to my list of vis­ited coun­tries this month with a trip to Bei­jing and Jinan, China. My good friend, Bill “The Colonel” Eubank, has put together a whirl­wind tour of teach­ing Eng­lish and per­form­ing at uni­ver­si­ties and ele­men­tary schools. I hope to be able to get through the Chi­nese cyber-blocks and post blogs entries, pho­tos, and video here; stay tuned for updates on this grand adventure!

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